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11th April 2022

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4-5th November 2020

Carpet Clean Tsaknakis Wins The Greek Overall RTC Awards

5th September 2020

The Greek RTC Best Practices Awards were organized yesterday (Sept 3) by The Pan Hellenic Drycleaners & Affilliated Association and CINET in an live online streaming setting and with a great result. Carpet Clean Tsaknakis from Larisa has won the online national Pre-selections and will represent Greece at the Global Best Practices Awards Final that will be streamed live from Amsterdam on November 4th and 5th 2020.

It was such a close finish to an epic competition. The Greek Awards Jury had the difficult task of selecting the best profile out of 4 companies, with a remarkable performance in terms of best practices. Carpet Clean Tsaknakis won with a slight 1 point difference from the next competitor, thanks to a high focus on sustainability and an agile structure able to adapt to Coronacrisis challenges.

The four Greek Official Nominees were the following:

  • Clean Up
  • Lavasecco Theodoropoulos
  • Lux & Quick
  • Carpet Clean Tsaknakis

The other 3 Greek Official Nominees will enter in the International Jury evaulation at the end of September, still having a chance for a place in the GBPAP2020 Final, as well. The Greek Best Practices Awards were organized by The Pan Hellenic Drycleaners & Affilliated Association and CINET. The Awards event in Greece was a National Pre-selection chapter CINET’s GBPA2020 Program, whose Final will be streamed live online from Amsterdam on Nov 4-5, 2020.

Carpet Clean Tsaknakis Wins The Greek Overall RTC Awards

Carpet Clean Tsaknakis Wins The Greek Overall RTC Awards

Winter Clean Tsaknaki! New Carpet Clean services during winter

20th January 2020

Winter Clean Tsaknaki! New Carpet Clean services during winter

4+1 dont’s in case your carpet… has an accident!

11th April 2017

One of the most common problems faced by every housewife is to dirty the carpet of her home, either very or .. a little! Usually this is caused by an anxious child, a naughty pet, a careless guest, a spouse or just a moment of misfortune. It happens. The issue is what we have to do and, above all, what we should NOT do to protect our carpet and clean it up successfully. Read 5 Actions to ... Avoiding We Suggest:

  1. Never rub on the surface of the carpet with objects such as wire brushes because there is a risk of spoiling the pile.
  2. Do not use bleach because it destroys the colors.
  3. If the carpet is handmade (silk or woolen), do not wet it with water because there is a risk of discoloration.
  4. Do not try to wash the carpet yourself because when a carpet is wet, the water must be drained immediately (with a special astringent machine). Otherwise, the water remains on the carpet along with all the dirt that contains the carpet internally. So it does not clean properly and becomes a germ.
  5. If the stain is on the flip of the carpet, the entire carpet should be washed. Local cleaning is not recommended as local moisture can lead to the appearance of mold especially if it does not dry properly.

In case your carpet gets soiled, there is a sure solution! At Carpet Clean Tsaknakes Carpet Cleaners, certified by ISO 9001 by LETRINA and having the most modern mechanical equipment for every kind and quality of carpet, we have great expertise in the immediate cleaning of your carpet by… "accident". With FREE DELIVERY and DELIVERY service, you will have your new carpet instantly free of stains and allergy-induced dust mites, with just one phone call at 2410831434 or making an appointment online here Take advantage of our experience!

4+1 dont’s in case your carpet… has an accident!

Certified as «CARPET CLEANERS»

12th October 2015

Certification as «CARPETS & UPHOLSTERY CLEANERS» by TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas as a part of the project «Adaptation actions of professionals represented by GSEVEE in the data of the economic crisis through pilot projects of technical training and counseling for professional qualifications of the OP. «Human Resources Development».

ISO 9001:2008

Member of the certified carpet cleaning association «Attiki»

15th March 2015

Our company is a member of the Association of certified carpet cleaners «Attiki» ( We are following all the standards and rules of operation of a modern carpet cleaner with the unique aim of serving our customers! Our human resources have been trained on modern carpet cleaning techniques at a 80 hour seminar organized by GSEVEE in Athens from 16/2/2015 to 15/3/2015, we continue our daily effort for better service and improvement of our services.

Certified as «CARPET CLEANERS»

Certification by ISO 9001:2008

9th April 2014


The basic quality policy on which all CARPET CLEAN TSAKNAKIS operations are planned for the provision of carpet cleaning services is as follows:

  • Compliance with the requirements of the ISO Quality Management System 9001:2008
  • Constantly improving the quality of the services provided and maintaining it at the level promising to customers
  • Using the best available technology and know-how to continually improve service quality and minimize costs:
    • Continuous investment in facilities
    • Continuous investment in equipment
  • Use high quality materials
  • To meet the requirements of national and European legislation as much as possible
  • Evaluate, focus, and maximize customer requirements
  • Informing its customers about the correct use and storage of products and planning the quality improvements of its services on the basis of the information they return from them
  • Ensure organized training and training of all its staff in order to acquire quality consciousness and expertise in its work
  • Provide resources and act with a view to continual improvement, aiming at reducing complaints from customers and MS. products
  • Delivery conforming to an agreed timetable and terms.

The overall objective of the business is to achieve, maintain and improve its image and reliability by providing services of consistently high quality at competitive prices while respecting high standards. The infrastructure, premises, equipment, tools and employees of the company comply with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008.

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Certification by ISO 9001:2008

New building

8th October 2011

In 2011, continuing the steady pace of development, we proceeded to the construction of new facilities, to the purchase of extra mechanical equipment, and to the extension of the cleaning of white goods, thus creating a model cleaning center for the whole of Thessaly.

Built on a privately-owned site, our new ultra-modern building meets all the security requirements of your items from fire or theft, hygiene and appropriate indoor temperature.

The site is monitored 24 hours a day from a closed circuit with cameras and is kept by TOWN SECURITY. The carpets are stored on specially shaped shelves according to their length, weight and type.

New building

Carpet Clean all year around

29th December 2008

CARPET CLEAN TSAKNAKIS, realizing the needs of a modern household and respecting your precious time, proceeded to the purchase of state-of-the-art machines that allow us to clean and dry carpets and whatever else you need throughout the year, even in the winter months with the possibility of delivery even on the same day! So now you can take a look at the various minor accidents that happen on your carpets… just call CARPET CLEAN TSAKNAKIS!

Carpet Clean all year around
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