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Pet Care Cleaning

Pet Care Carpet Cleaning

Pet-friendly carpet cleaning, pet stains removal


Even in the best homes, our favorite pets dirty our carpets either because they are still young and have not been adequately trained, or because they want to show their reaction to some behavior, or because they are ill or for simple and self-evident, are animals and they do not have the intelligence to think that what they are doing will rather disturb us a lot.

It is also true that many dogs and cats are "getting" enough, filling the hair all over the house and especially carpets and carpets. In addition, these hairs are usually imprisoned inside them and as much as they wipe out, they do not go out with anything.

Carpet Clean Tsaknakis carpet cleaners offer special carpet treatment for pet stains and we always choose pet-friendly carpet cleaning products. Before receiving your carpets from our workshop let us know that you have a problem with pet stains and leave the rest on us…

Co-funded by the EU & GreeceCo-funded by the EU & Greece Co-funded by the EU & GreeceCo-funded by the EU & Greece